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Our Services

Transform your hair instantly! Have the long hair you always dreamed of, or add fullness to your natural hair. Our 100% human hair extensions are bonded to your own hair and can last 3-5 months.

Our breakthrough technology and product versatility allows for quality adhesion without the use of extreme heat or harmful chemicals. We do not use glue, wax or weaves which are very often damaging to the hair.

Keratin protein is pre-applied to the trimmed end of each hair extension. The hair extension is then fused with your natural hair creating a healthy bond.

Hair extensions are applied in horizontal rows along the hairline, allowing for an invisible, long lasting bond.

Once the hair application process is complete your hair will be cut to the desired length and styled.
Hair extensions are a beautiful and exciting way to have longer, thicker hair or even add highlights or lowlights. They are virtually undetectable and very easy to maintain.

We will closely match extensions to your existing hair for the most natural result. The extensions used are not synthetic, it’s 100% REAL human hair, so you can curl it, style it or color it how you like!

Hair Extension Services

Consultation (required) …. complimentary
Discuss, Color, Length, Thickness desired. Hair health evaluated.

Hair Extension Service …. $1050 +
Bundle price for Great Lengths Hair Extensions up to 18″ length. Hair Dreams 7 Star up to 14″ lengths. Longer lengths, Kashmir & Sun FX are more expensive. Priced upon consultation.

Hair Extension “Strands” …. $14 each
To add highlights or fun and funky colors.

Hair Extension Removal …. $100
Proper removal will leave your own natural hair in good health.